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June 16, 2012
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Rosie trembled in place, not knowing what to do. She had just exposed herself to a grave threat.
"What's this?" Vorselon sneered. "Another Lombax? That's two fur coats I'll be wearing to the Bounty Ball." He turned to his cameraman.
"Are we still rolling?" The cameraman nodded.
"Well turn it off," Vorselon ordered. "The young male Lombax doesn't need to see what awaits him when he arrives." He snickered. "Make that three fur coats."
"If you don't mind me asking," Rosie said to calm her nerves a bit. "What exactly is the Bounty Ball?"
"It's the biggest party thrown for bounty hunters in the entire galaxy," Vorselon said proudly. "We show off our high profile kills, collect our pay, and dance the night away. I've been waiting to take my girlfriend there for months."
"Wait a minute," Alister blurted. "You have a girlfriend, and you want to ejaculate into me?"
"I'm allowed to have a sex toy, aren't I? Besides, I discussed it with my girlfriend on the way here. She said she'd pay half your bounty just to play with you. In fact, do you know how many bolts I can make by letting people line up to have their turn? The galaxy is filled with perverted scum looking to get a quick fix."
"Like you?" Alister snorted.
"All the me!" Vorselon cheered.
"Don't worry, Dad!" Rosie shouted. "I'll get you out of there! There's no way you're becoming a sex slave to this douchebag!" Vorselon gasped.
"Did she just say "Dad"?" Alister looked away.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Dad," Rosie pleaded. "It's me, Rosie. Grandma Elin and I built a portal for me to come here and find you."A creepy grin creeped across Vorselon's face.
"Your bio never mentioned anything about having children, General."
"That was a long time ago," Alister said quietly. "Whatever I had back then was taken from me and now dead to me. She's just another bounty hunter in a hologuise looking to beat you to me." Vorselon readied his pincers.
"How about I skin her and cut her up into little pieces to prove how real she really is?" Rosie gulped. She realized the only way she could survive was to find something to defend herself with, but there wasn't a weapon in sight.
So she ran.
Round and round the ledge she went with Vorselon in pursuit. Vorselon sent shockwaves towards her only to miss by a margin.
This is bad, Rosie thought as she ran. If I don't find a way out of this, I'll get tired and he'll kill me, and Dad'll never be freed.
Suddenly, a flicker of light flashed behind Rosie and in front of Vorselon.
"Ah!" he yelped. "My eyes!" Rosie turned around and saw Vorselon stammering backwards with his pincers over his face.
"Sir," his cameraman spoke. "The male Lombax has arrived."
"Take me to him," he ordered. "Hopefully by then, my sight will be clear again." The cameraman hovered to Vorselon's side, nudged him, and guided him out of the room. When they left, a beautiful woman with angel wings stood before Rosie. From head to toe, she was dressed in white. Her blue eyes gazed upon Rosie's. Rosie gasped.
"Mommy?" she quivered. "The woman smiled. Suddenly, she turned into a ball of light and buzzed all around. Rosie's eyes struggled to lock onto her mother's movements, but wherever she went, she found a way to free Alister from his prison. The electric field and bars lifted. He leaped out, unfazed by the previous events.
"Daddy!" Rosie cried. Alister growled.
"Don't call me that," he said disdainfully. "She conspired with you to capture me. Why am I not surprised?" Rosie frowned.
"Daddy, no. She saved you, and it's really me. I have proof." Alister turned to Rosie with a suspicious expression on his face.
"Proof, huh?"
"What's my mother's maiden name?"
"Shelly," Rosie replied.
"When were you born?"
"May 11th. Grandma said you and Mom were thrilled that I would be a spring baby."
"What was the name of the Jingly we had?"
"Were my parents married or divorced?"
"Divorced," Rosie panted. "Grandma fled shortly after she filed for divorce because she couldn't handle the publicity from Grandpa being so famous. Her biggest regrets were holding all her feelings in and not being able to watch you grow into a man. She returned to Palamu Square thirteen years after the divorce to see you in the hospital after the Great War ended." Alister pondered.
"Hmm. You are a very convincing copy. No one outside my family could've possibly known that. However, you could be what's left of Percival Tachyon as a final insult."
"NO!" Rosie ripped her fanny pack open and thrust out the proof Elin had told her to carry. "Look at these, Dad! Do these look fake to you??" Alister froze in place when he saw the heart shaped rattle and letter blocks.
"Where did you get those?" He asked. Rosie sniffled.
"I've always had them," she said quietly beneath her tears. "They were gifts from you." Alister took them from her and gasped. His hands took firm hold of them in contrast to a hologram which his hands would've passed through.
"They're real," he said. "I remember. These were the first things I got you when you were born." Then, it hit him like a travel rocket crashing into his ship.
"It is you…." Rosie nodded.
"Now do you see?" Alister's heart sank.
"Rosie…." He fell onto his knees. "Rosie. My Rosie…. Rosie Vega Evelyn Azimuth."
"Yes," Rosie sobbed. "That's my full name. Vega after Mom's Mom and Evelyn because it sounded pretty."
"That's what she said," Alister whimpered. "Caroline. I've remembered everything. Rosie!"
"Daddy!" Rosie fell into her father's arms and wept on his left shoulder. She held onto him as tight as she could, never wanting to let go. Alister wept equally as hard and held her even tighter.
"You came for me?" he choked. "After all that's happen?"
"Yes!" Rosie wailed. "I never hated you, Daddy! I want to stay with you forever! I love you, Daddy!" Alister pulled her closer to him.
"I love you more, more than you'll ever know. I'll never let anyone take you from me again. I promise."
Phew. I thought I would never get this up. It took me 11 chapters and about 23 submissions, but Alister Azimuth and his daughter, Rosie, finally reunite. ;u;
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